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Coastal Indoor Golf offers league play including: individual stroke play, 2-man scramble, and 4-man best ball events. Check out our calendar for upcoming Leagues!

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The most accurate golf simulator on the planet.

Our simulators provide the most realistic indoor golf experience in the world. We combine over 26 separate metrics to create the best overall profile of your swing.
Spin Rate
Smash Factor
Attack Angle
Face Angle
Launch Angle
Dynamic Loft
Ball Speed
Club Path
Plus many more!
Improve your game with the latest technology
Our facility offers the lastest to improve your game!
Shaft Optimizer 3D
Using the shaft optimizer, Strain gauges within the shaft record how you move the shaft. Golfers are generally surprised how consistent their ‘good’ and ‘bad’ swings are. Variation in the result is nearly always down to inconsistency of strike. This software will align your unique swing DNA with a map of custom shafts independently measured and assessed by Mizuno.